Upcoming Events

Club Room Volunteer Clean Up: Anyone interested in helping clean the Club Room, this includes the kitchen and bathrooms, plan to meet at the Club Wednesday August 17, at 6:30.

The Dewey League Draft will be held on August 29th. Dinner will be at 6:30, with the draft to follow at 7:00.

STATE FAIR PIZZA STAND: The Kansas State Fair is September 9-18. Help is needed at the Pizza Stand and it is the economic engine that makes our club possible. The signup board is up. Get a group of members and wives together to work a shift. Fair entry fees are paid, you can take a pizza home and the cooler is stocked with beverages. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!

The Fall Golf Tournament will be held on October 1, 2016. It will be a members and family 4 person scramble.

Upcoming VIP dates: Tootsie Roll Drive Oct.; First Degree October 16th.

ATTENTION: We have some bad phone numbers on our contact list. If any member has changed his phone number, address or email address recently please contact Mike or Pam Ziegler at 620-694-4015 (cell) 620-663-6438 (h) mziegler1@cox.net or pamrz@aol.com

Help out at the Hall

We need some help with cleaning the rental hall for next year. If we get enough groups you will only have to clean one weekend every month or two depending on how many groups we have. It takes about an hour each time with two or more people. Please consider putting a group together to help with this. Contact Patrick Cowles 620-4740-2415 or Pete Jasso 620-960-1314

It’s time to get our cooking schedule together for next year. It’s a fun and easy way to show support for your Knights of Columbus. Takes about 6 people to cook for the night, food and beverages provided. If you would like to put a group together or have any questions please call Patrick Cowles 620-474-2415


Aug 1 - Membership Meeting 6:30

Aug 5 - Friday Social 6:00 – 8 Cook – Steak Night

Aug 6 - Hall Cleaning – Dave Sandoval

Aug 12 - Friday Social 6:00 – 8 Cook – Open

Aug 13 - Hall Cleaning – Bob Duncan

Aug 15 - Officers Meeting 6:30

Aug 19 - Friday Social 6:00 – 8 Cook – Herrera

Aug 20 - Hall Cleaning – Pete Jasso

Aug 26 - Friday Social 6:00 – 8  Cook – Sandoval

Aug 27 - Hall Cleaning – Pat Cowles


General News

If you would like to save the Council postage charges, please let Lori Wagoner know at mrswago@live.com to change your newsletter from snail mail to e-mail. If you have a change in e-mail address, please let us know

ARTICLES for the newsletter: please contact Pam or Mike Ziegler at 663-6438 or email to: pamrz@aol.com

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